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School House, St Gennys

The School House was built around 1870 to provide education to the local children of the community up to the age of 11 but that changed as the years went on.


The School was closed in 1974 and the building was sold off by the council, it then underwent conversion to the holiday cottages that you see today. The lounges of Lane's and Francis were originally cellars and the small building at the rear are the remains of the outside toilets. There is a window that is shared by the master bedroom and the twin in Lanes, this is because this used to be full height room stretching into the eves. A third floor was added to School House in 1974 and the remains of the staircase were left in position when the upper floor was altered to serve Bloomers.


The names of the cottages are those of the original teachers and heads so we have retained them for posterity. School House was the headmistresses home and the other two cottages were classrooms with their respective teachers. The part of the building we live in was the school hall and the window at the front originally stretched the top of the building (see picture).

There is a holy well located on our front lawn that is grade two listed and dates to AD 500.

We bought the Old School House in Oct 2016 having moved from London and love it here.

Old film of St Gennys School.....    
Victorian pic of school house
Tintagel castle
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